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Empowering intercultural focus & missional momentum

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We Serve Individual Christians

All Christian believers have already been called, in their conversion experience, to be a missionary where they are. However, the church as a whole has not provided for the development of disciplemakers and missional multipliers among the laity.

IICM provides community data, assessment tools and missionary training to equip individual believers, missionaries, planters, and pastors for the missional task.

Missional Data

For more than a decade IICM has been pioneering cutting-edge community data resources to drive missional strategy and implementation.  Community information is provided through the Impact North America Coalition websites and missional research that is completed on behalf of our missional partners.  

Missional Assessment

We have developed a number of tools to help individuals to become effective missionaries in their communities.  These tools include:

The APEPT Missionality™ survey enables participants to identify their missional roles and how they relate to the other people on a missional team. The 5-fold missional roles, as defined by the “APEPT” acronym, are:

    Apostolic – The Catalyst and Networker
    Pastoral – The Coach and Collaborator
    Evangelistic – The Promoter and Mobilizer
    Prophetic – The Appraiser and Alerter
    Teaching – The Analyst and Manager

The TRAITDEX™ report uses the results of a survey to understand the personal characteristics of the individual. The survey evaluates aspects of spiritual, social and personal identity in order to determine the person’s role on an APEPT missional team. The survey deals with such issues as: spirituality types, APEPT missionality, and spiritual giftedness; ethnic & lifestyle heritage, potential social identity characteristics; current values, attitudes, activities, interests, & opinions, and a personality profile.

The FITDEX™ report uses the results of a survey to measure the cultural distance between the individual and the community and to evaluate the compatibility of the lay missionary/team/core group with the segments of the community. In order for the missional team to maximize its potential for growth, the lay missionary(s) must be “congruent” with the cultural groups represented in the ministry study area. The extent of compatibility of the congregation with each of the segments in the community has a decisive role in creating a missional strategy and seeing success.

Missional Training

The online Missional University features several certificate programs designed to equip individual Christians for ministry and missional service.  These certificate programs are available through the grassroots theological and missional training schools that are part of the consortium.  Below is a list of certificate programs:

School of Missional Practice

Certificate in Missional Practice

Missional College

Certificate in Church Planting

Rhode Island Theological School

Certificate in Theological Studies

School of Worship Leadership

Certificate in Missional Worship

Missional Coaching

The Contextual Ministries and Intercultural Ministries Groups of IICM provide missional coaching services on a wide range of mission related topics.