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The Significance of Missional Training

The terms “missional” and “missionality” may be new to you. We have all talked about the “mission” of the church and “missions” as the activity of those who are “missionaries” to a different people or place. So what is “missional”?

The term “missional” is to “missionary” what “adversarial” is to “adversary.” When an adversary begins to act out his intentions, he is being “adversarial” - the adjective form that denotes “pertaining to or characterized by antagonism and conflict.” When a missionary is involved in the activities of his mission we say he is being “missional” – the adjective form that denotes “pertaining to or characterized by missionary behaviors.” The ending “ity” on a word indicates the “quality of.”  So missionality is acting with the quality of being missionary.

Today most Christians have not been trained to either think like a missionary or to act like one.

If we are going to Impact North America, Christians will need to be trained to become missionaries in their cultural neighborhoods, communities, and living spaces.  As part of the Impact North America Coalition, IICM provides access to missionary training both onsite and online.

Onsite Missional Training from IICM

Ten2Training for community missionaries onsite.  These workshops, seminars and seminar series provide training for community missionaries and for those who work with them.  Workshops cover a wide range of topics:

To schedule a workshop for your church or ministry, please complete the contact information form.

Online Missional Training through the Missional University

The Missional University is a consortium of missional & theological schools that train the grassroots missional leaders of today and tomorrow.  The Missional University offers courses, certificates, diplomas and certifications in specific areas need for the missionary task in North America.