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The Significance of Missional Communities

The witness of the missional efforts in the New Testament clearly indicates the need for multiplying our missionary efforts in the local harvest field.  Throughout North America and beyond, places, peoples, and participants need to hear the gospel clearly expressed in the context of an ongoing relationship with a follower of Jesus Christ.  These ongoing relationships occur in through a missional community -- a group of people who take the time to serve others in their communities, cultural neighborhoods, among internationals, where they live and play.

The Apostle Paul clearly indicates in his letter to his younger disciple, Timothy, that he should focus efforts on the multiplication of leadership involved in reproductive disciplemaking.  In 2 Timothy 2:2 Paul charges Timothy with the task to take what he has learned from Paul and commit it to faithful Christ-followers who would be able to pass it on to others.  Below is a chart that graphically demonstrates the need for both missional multiplication and the need for the multiplication of leadership.

Expanding ministry, mission and movement requires missional multiplication that can only take place in the context of community ministries.  This page links to emerging networks across Tulsa Metro that seek to minister to people in various missional contexts.